Immigration Reform

A U.S. Worker Shortage Calls For 'Red Card' Immigration Reform

By Benjamin Powell
Immigration policy is one of the most economically significant and politically divisive issues there is, often producing far-more passion than reason.
Just the other day, on Oct. 8, for example, more than 150 protesters, including eight members of Congress, were arrested for blocking traffic on a busy Capitol Hill street during an immigration reform demonstration. While there was a lot of commotion, the complex issues involved were barely discussed.

House Democrats push ahead on immigration, H-1B

House Democrats push ahead on immigration, H-1B
Democrats introduce their version of Senate's immigration bill, say debate on issue is likely to produce compromise legislation
Patrick Thibodeau
October 2, 2013 (Computerworld)
WASHINGTON -- U.S. House Democrats are attempting to restart debate on a comprehensive immigration reform in the midst of the government shutdown.

Lift the H-1B cap: An immigration fix we can agree on

Lift the H-1B cap: An immigration fix we can agree on
In the midst of a tense government shutdown, House Democrats have introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Unfortunately, it is dead on arrival, as lawmakers cannot agree on border security measures and the fate of America’s undocumented immigrants.
This is a wasted opportunity. Instead of pressing for comprehensive reform, lawmakers should focus on an area where there is longstanding agreement: Lifting the annual cap on H-1B work visas for foreign nationals.

Everything You Need to Know About Immigration Reform And The 'Gang Of Eight' Bill

WASHINGTON -- This may be the year Congress decides what to do about the millions of immigrants living illegally in the U.S. After years of gridlock, there are ideas whizzing all around Washington.
For now, all eyes are on an 844-page Senate proposal with the you-said-a-mouthful title of the "Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013."

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